Pythonect works with Python version 2.6 and greater, but it will not work (yet) with Python 3. Dependencies are listed in and will be installed automatically as part of any of the techniques listed below.

Using pip or easy_install

Easiest way to install Pythonect is to use pip:

pip install Pythonect

And second to easiest is with easy_install:

easy_install Pythonect


Using easy_install is discouraged. Why? Read here.

Using git repository

Regular development happens at our GitHub repository. Grabbing the cutting edge version might give you some extra features or fix some newly discovered bugs. We recommend not installing from the git repo unless you are actively developing Pythonect. To clone the git repository and install it locally:

git clone git://
cd pythonect
python install

Alternatively, if you use pip, you can install directly from the git repository:

pip install \
        git+git:// \

Using archives (tarball)

Visit our PyPI Page to grab the archives of both current and previous stable releases. After untarring, simply run python install to install it.

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