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Here you can see the full list of changes between each Pythonect release.

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What’s New In Pythonect 0.6?

Release date: 22-Jul-2013

Core and builtins

  • Rewrite engine to be both a visual programming language and a text-based scripting language.
  • Add support for GNOME Dia (*.DIA) as an Input File Format for Visual Programming
  • Add support for Microsoft Visio (*.VDX) as an Input File Format for Visual Programming
  • Rewrite Pythonect’s Text-based scripting parser (*.P2Y) to use Python’s tokenize instead of PLY
  • Modify Pythonect’s parse() to return a directed graph (i.e. NetworkX.DiGraph)
  • Add auto-generated SphinX doc (i.e. doc/)
  • Modify NEWS reStructuredText Format to better suit the auto-generated doc


  • Modify setup.cfg to stop running tests after the first error or failure


  • Add examples/ directory with a few example programs

What’s New In Pythonect 0.5?

Release date: 24-Apr-2013

Core and builtins

  • Issue #71: Unable to run Pythonect in Script Mode
  • Issue #72: Can’t Load Local Modules with ‘-m’
  • Issue #58: Install argparse if Python 2.6
  • Feature #70: Pythonect now supports Max Threads Limit (i.e. ‘–mt’ command-line argument)
  • Feature #73: ‘_’ is no longer implicit in the 1st call to eval()

What’s New In Pythonect 0.4.2?

Release date: 16-Feb-2013

Core and builtins

  • Feature #61: Interpreter supports command line ‘-c’, ‘-i’ and ‘-m’
  • Enhancement #68: Improved Interpreter Banner
  • Enhancement #67: args globals_ and locals_ of eval() are now optional
  • Feature #66: Within Pythonect Program: eval() now takes Pythonect code and __eval__() takes Python
  • Refactor __run() [Guy Adini]
  • Feature #65: Pythonect now supports PyPy
  • Feature #55: Pythonect now supports Python 2.6
  • Issue #48: ‘print “B” in “ABC”’ and ‘print 2 is 2’ throws Exception
  • Issue #60: “copyright”, “license”, and “credits” are not of Pythonect
  • Issue #62: Parameterless functions are now handled properly
  • Issue #63: “quit” and “exit” raises ValueError: I/O operation on closed file
  • Issue #64: Interpreter command line option ‘–version’/’-V’ output wrong banner
  • Issue #69: print/print_ can not be overridden by locals or globals value


  • Switched to nosetests (+ coverage)
  • Issue #49: zip_safe is not False by default

What’s New In Pythonect 0.4.1?

Release date: 03-Sep-2012

Core and builtins

  • PEP8 Fixes
  • PEP 3110 Fixes
  • Added Travis CI Support
  • Issue #38: No docstrings for eval(), parse(), and Pythonect module
  • Issue #39: fails due to incorrect import
  • Issue #41: Pythonect split() renamed to parse() to better fit it’s purpose
  • Issue #42: Pythonect fails on Python implementations that do not include the multiprocessing module
  • Enhancement #45: Dict can now be used as a return value, only literal dict will be treated as switch
  • Issue #47: Pythonect parse() is not included in the testsuite


  • Issue #43: Pythonect unittest runner is not cross-platform
  • Issue #44: Warnings during installation due to

What’s New In Pythonect 0.4?

Release date: 09-Aug-2012

Core and builtins

  • Issue #31: Synchronous/Asynchronous is not enforced when execution return value is callable and iterable
  • Issue #32: Script can’t accept command line args
  • Issue #34: Script file can’t contain Backslash
  • Feature #34: Interpreter (in Interactive mode) now logs commands for further use
  • Feature #35: Pythonect module now exports split() function to parse Pythonect code
  • Feature #36: Backticks can be used to evaluate a Pythonect expression


  • Removed eXecute bit from pythonect/ and pythonect/internal/
  • Reorganized Pythonect module structure (pythonect.eval.eval is now pythonect.eval)

What’s New In Pythonect 0.3.1?

Release date: 14-Jul-2012

Core and builtins

  • Issue #25: Pythonect package namespsace (when importing from Python) is polluted
  • Issue #26: Odd Single quote char breaks double quote String (and vice versa)
  • Issue #27: Multiprocessing is not working with multi-threading
  • Issue #28: Autoload always throws NameError regardless to the actual Exception type
  • Issue #29: Preprocessor breaks on a List with Function Call that contains String
  • Issue #30: Preprocessor incorrectly process non-String literals in List

What’s New in Pythonect 0.3?

Release date: 20-Jun-2012

Core and builtins

  • Feature #13: Improved print function
  • Feature #15: Implemented Stateful Interpreter
  • Feature #17: Remote procedure URL can be an expression
  • Feature #18: Implemented Multiprocessing
  • Feature #20: Backslash can be used to join two or more physical lines into a logical line
  • Feature #22: Implemented None as pseudo remote protocol / URL
  • Issue #14: Print does not act as a pass-through statement
  • Issue #16: TypeError Exceptions are not been displayed
  • Issue #19: Autloading is not working in a statement
  • Issue #21: Preprocessor breaks on a List with a String that contains comma


  • Issue #12: No newline at the end of (PEP8)

What’s New in Pythonect 0.2.1?

Release date: 27-May-2012

Core and builtins

  • Issue #9: Autoload won’t load modules from current working directory
  • Issue #11: Autoload parses name incorrectly if in a list or tuple

What’s New in Pythonect 0.2?

Release date: 30-Apr-2012

Core and builtins

  • Feature #8: Implemented Autoloading.
  • Feature #7: Python built-in dictionary can be used as a switch statement.
  • Issue #6: Interpreter prints Strings without quotes
  • Issue #5: Interpreter lags when pressing Enter key multiple times


  • Issue #4: Pythonect reports incorrect version if installed via pip/sdist.

What’s New in Pythonect 0.1.1?

Release date: 18-Apr-2012

Core and builtins

  • Issue #3: Check that the program return value is not None before printing it


  • Issue #1: Removed import from __init__ to avoid PLY imports via


  • Add NEWS file

What’s New in Pythonect 0.1?

Release date: 01-Apr-2012

Everything :-)

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